Michiko Ergonomic Mouse Wrist Cushion with Wrist Support and Keyboard Rest Pad (White)

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  • 【FEEL THE DIFFERENCE】 – Cover supported by memory foam padding to provide unmatched quality and comfort. Softness combined with ergonomics won’t ever disappoint you.
  • 【PROFESSIONAL-LEVEL DESIGN】 – The mouse wrist cushion adapts to the natural curvature of the wrist, delivers protection through proper alignment, helps redistribute pressure points to provide soothing support and better circulation.
  • 【ELIMINATES CONTACT STRESS 】 – Designed to support the slope of the keyboard in order to keep the wrist rested and naturally straight.
  • 【NO LOGO OR COMMERCIAL BRANDING】 – Makes mouse or keyboard padding visually clean, gentle and elegant on any table, in any environment.

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Keyboard Rest Pad & Mouse Pad With Wrist Support

ENHANCE Yourself – More comfort. Less pain and strain. And who needs CTS (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome)?
The use of a Wrist Rest reduces sprain and hand ache while you type. Do not rest your wrists on a hard surface. Placing your wrists on a corners greatly increases the pressure inside the carpal tunnel, causing it to become inflamed.
This inflammation can lead to chronic pressure and pain on the median nerve, which provides feeling and movement to parts of the hand.

Keyboard RestPad: Place your palms on the wrist rest to prevent your wrists from bending up and thus avoid uncommon feelings of numbness, cramping, pain, or tingling.
Mouse Mat With Wrist Rest: It facilitates more efficient navigation, prevents vibration. It improves wrist posture and reduces strain on the wrist nerves.

Memory Foam: Provides extra support and comfort compared to other materials. It is made from polyurethane combined with other elements which lend the pad its characteristic softness and density.
Cotton Lycra: It’s a mix of two materials, cotton and Lycra. Cotton is the well-known natural fiber and Lycra is an exceptionally stretchy, synthetic fiber with increased elasticity.

Are You Using Ergonomics The Right Way?
When resting, the heel of your palm, NOT YOUR WRIST, should be resting on mousemat cushion. Even if you use wrist rests, you should still reduce the bending of wrists by adjusting other workstation components so that the wrist can maintain an in-line, neutral posture.

→wrist keyboard pad 16x3x1″ 460x85x25mm
→wrist mousepad 10x9x1″ 255x230x25mm

Keep in mind that practicing good ergonomics can be a great preventative measure for avoiding issues like headaches, eyestrain, neck and back pain.


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