January 18, 2023 By Bart Leonard 0

AYANEO’s Next II Might Be The First Gaming Handheld Console To Feature A Radeon 7000 GPU

Could AYANEO’s NEXT II be the first gaming handheld console to feature a Radeon 7000 GPU? They are now claiming that their upcoming console will be equipped with Ryzen 7000 processors and a fresh discrete graphics card. The firm is describing the CPU upgrade as ‘next-gen’ which hints that we may witness the first Zen4 APU in such a product. Nevertheless, it is worth mentioning that the 7000 series not only has Zen4, but also Zen3, Zen3+, and Zen2 microarchitecture. In this situation, the choice of words is very significant.


Moreover, the tweet verifies that the console would have a discrete graphics card. It is improbable for a firm to confuse an integrated GPU, such as Phoenix APU with Zen4/RDNA3 graphics, so this could be the recently unveiled Radeon RX 7600S with 28 Compute Units. This GPU works within 50 to 70W, which is not something that we expect from a compact device. AYANEO is either not confirming the name of the GPU, either because AMD is yet to declare this item, or because the company is still analyzing possible options.